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You might have caught this post here where I talked about my usual skincare routine and the products that I've been using, and the Boots Botanics range features highly amongst them. Very reasonably priced, these creams and serums have really helped my skin and I've amassed quite the collection of products from the range. A couple of them are re-buys and I've also picked up a few newer items as they've recently been on offer for about a third off in Boots, which means it's a good opportunity to try some things I wouldn't normally choose!

I've been using the All Bright Hydrating Night Cream for several months now and I really like it. It always leaves my skin really soft and it also smells amazing! I was using the Hydrating Day Cream as well but I changed it up in my last haul from Boots and picked the Shine Away Mattifying Day Cream instead. This helps to prevent my BB cream from becoming patchy through the day but I don't find it as nourishing as the Hydrating cream so I'll probably revert back to that when I'm done with this one.

Items I hadn't tried before included the Radiant Youth Microdermabrasion Polish, which is a really finely milled facial scrub that I've been using maybe twice a week to get rid of dead cells. My skin is left super soft after using this and the texture is amazing. I think it cost around the £4 mark so it is really inexpensive too. Likewise the Radiant Youth Serum, which I've been using morning and evening under my moisturiser, was around £6 and helps to give my day or night cream a really good base to sit on, it preps the skin and helps to reduce fine lines.

A product that I bought on a bit of a whim was this Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz. I always used to use a rosewater toner so when I saw it I thought I'd give it a try. It's nice to use after I've used a micellar water to remove my makeup. You're meant to spray it on to your face and then wipe off with cotton wool but I found it really stung my eyes, so I've just been spraying it onto a cotton pad and using it to clean off any leftover traces of makeup. I have found it leaves a residue on my skin though, and I need to then wash my face with water to stop it feeling sticky.

Finally I've also got a BB cream from the range but I haven't even used it yet! I've got about 3 BB creams on the go but I haven't got round to trying this one, I think I bought it because it was on special offer and I have swatched it and it feels like a nice consistency so I will probably review it when I get round to actually using it!

What do you think of the Botanics range? Have you used any of these items before?

XO Amie
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