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It's definitely feeling autumnal outside at the moment; or should that actually read 'feeling vile' because in place of the crisp autumn air, the turning colours of the leaves and the slight bite to the breeze, it's actually just damp, drizzly and miserable; British weather at it's most depressing, then. Despite this I am trying to focus on the things I like about autumn, it's not my favourite season, though there are things to get excited about (the thought of Christmas, for example, and all the new season trends coming through help to make up for the lack of sunshine).

As regular readers of this blog will attest, I am completely besotted with the ballerina flat and over the entire spring and summer it is usually my shoe of choice. Come the autumn, before it's so cold that only boots will do, I tend to reach for the ballerina's sturdier cousin; a brogue or a loafer, maybe, to lend a little more warmth and coverage to my foot. Something that I've always wanted to call my own is the Minnetonka moccasin. Beloved by many a celebrity, I've always fancied a pair of these, in particular the 'Thunderbird"model with it's beaded bird on the toe and classic shape, I adore the black but also love the brown colourway it comes in. I was thrilled to see that they have arrived on the Spartoo website which is currently undergoing an expansion to UK shores from its French base. 

I think the beauty of these shoes is the intrinsically insouciant element that they add to any look. With a skirt or mini dress, a skinny jean or a slim cropped trouser, they deliver an edge that is both cute and interesting. Plus they look exceedingly comfortable!

Have you heard of Minnetonka shoes before? What do you think of them?

XO Amie
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