Glossybox Review: August 2013

The August Glossybox contained products around the theme of 'highflyers', i.e high performance and cult products from around the world, designed for girls 'on the go.' I was actually quite impressed with this box, after being no so enamoured with past boxes it's good to see that the quality of the contents does appear to have gone up.

The first item I got was a pair of eyelash curlers from Swedish brand Emite. I have been using a Ruby & Millie pair since the dawn of time so they are probably due an upgrade, and these Swedish ones feel weighty and of a high quality. They also RRP at £20 so are almost double the cost of the box in one item, which definitely makes me feel that it was worth getting!

The second product was this makeup remover pen by Brazilian brand Oceane. It claims to erase makeup mistakes and is sure to be a makeup bag essential, but I do want to look into the ingredients a bit further before letting it loose on my face, as I normally associate this sort of 'removal' pen with nail varnish, which is irrational but I need to be certain it won't irritate my skin!

From the States, I got a product from Philosophy and a product from Juicy Couture. I love love LOVE Philosophy's products, but they are on the expensive side, so I tend to only buy them if they are on offer and I wouldn't probably buy this cleanser blindly without trying it. So I am super happy to have the opportunity to test this out, the sample is a decent size and I will probably review it after I've used it up. The second product from the USA is this perfume sample by Juicy Couture, which I like but I'm not overly fussed with as I really don't feel a tiny perfume vial constitutes a luxury product sample, which I think is a sentiment echoed by many other consumers who receive these boxes !

The final product is from the UK and is the Jelly Pong Pong eyeshadow pencil. I love Jelly Pong Pong and have used their lip products in the past with great results. This blendable creamy eyeshadow has come at the perfect time for me because I've just started to get into using cream shadows on a daily basis and so I am really excited to try this. I will probably use it as a light wash all over the lid as it is quite a rich, reddy-plum shade which might be a bit too much if applied heavy handed, particularly for day wear.

Did you get a Glossybox this month? Were you impressed with it?

XO Amie
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