By any other name...

I had to share this gorgeous ballet shoe with you all especially when I noticed it was called "the Fonteyn" no doubt in homage to the wonderful Dame Margot Fonteyn, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest classical ballet dancers of all time. When looking into her history a little further, I discovered she was born in Reigate, near to where I was born myself. Additionally my mum danced with Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet and danced with her in Athens which must have been wonderful.

Safe to say that this Bloch ballet pump has found its way into my shopping basket...I love a nude shoe and this is no exception. I like the shape very much, it is really classic and will be as much of an understatement as a talking point; I adore shoes like this which can be dressed up or down, made the centre of attention or simply accentuate a simple look.

The high cut front and heel is also something I really like about this style, shapes are really important to me in a ballet pump because if they are too low at the front, they cut into my foot, and likewise if they are too low at the back they rub my heel which is never pleasant! There's a myth that all flat shoes are comfortable by dint of their lack of heel which is not true at all, some of the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever worn have been flats, so I am hoping these ones will actually be as comfortable as they look!

What do you think of these pumps from Spartoo

XO Amie
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