Instagram Week #2

Tidy living room // Henryka ring // 3 years with Gap // Wardrobe favourites // DIY picture hanging // Pretty sunset // Karl Lagerfeld charity shop find // Coffee table // New fave lip product

I've decided that Mondays are definitely going to be Instagram post days, and it's actually quite nice to see all the things I've been snapping over the previous week. This week has been a good mix of interiors and fashion, food is lacking I know (I always see amazing foodie snaps on Instagram) but I'm not a good cook and I always forget to take pictures if I am out somewhere, plus taking snaps of my tea always makes me feel a little like Mr Bean! That doesn't mean I don't like to look at other peoples, though!

I got this lovely amber and silver ring from the Henryka website, they have some amazing bargains in their sale (this ring is still available and is only a tenner!) so be sure to check out the website if this sort of jewellery is your thing. I am building up quite a collection of pieces from there now and I love how individual and interesting the designs are.

It's been a good week for charity shop booty too-I found this amazing leather gilet on the bargain rail in one of my favourites; it was £22 which is steep for me BUT it's by Karl Lagerfeld. So who am I to leave it behind?! I will be wearing it in winter time over my jacket collection, basically! Or now with a stripy tee in the evenings. It's lovely!

Also I had to share this No.7 BB Lips product. I bought it on a bit of a whim because I had some vouchers that were about to expire, but I am so glad I did, it's a wonderful balm/stain that gives that whole 'your lips but better' sort of vibe. It's great for everyday and I am really loving wearing it!

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XO Amie
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