The Missing Shoe

Ahh, how cute are these adorable little block heeled brogues from Bello? I have already saved them into my favourites list on the Spartoo website, they're simply the cutest. I always find, no matter how many pair of shoes I own, there is always a style missing; I always think, oh, that outfit would look great with the perfect black ankle boot, the perfect gladiator sandal, the perfect brogue. Well, happily I have found the perfect black ankle boot, and I am almost there with the gladiator, but the brogue-well, the brogue really seems to elude me.

I think because brogues can be ever so reminiscent of school shoes, I tend to shy away from them. Until, of course, I find a little white pair which would add a much needed dose of Euro-style to all my daytime looks. I can imagine these with skinny jeans. With slim cut black trousers. With pelmet skirts. With denim dresses. They will sit so nicely with all the looks I love, resplendent in their simplicity, complementing, not overshadowing.

My only concern would be keeping them clean! Beautiful though they are, I can imagine these would pick up the dirt so easily...however, it's a price I'm willing to pay to have them on my feet!

Do you like these? Are you a brogue wearer?

XO Amie
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