MoneySupermarket's Big Night In

When I was contacted by MoneySupermarket recently with a 'Big Night In' challenge, I was really excited to get involved. Selected bloggers were given £50 to create a bespoke 'Big Night In' and as a frugal fashionista myself I spent ages racking my brains trying to work out the best concept for my evening. I knew it would easy to just get a takeaway and chuck on a DVD but I wanted to do something a little different, so I decided on a thrifty vintage themed evening in based on some of my favourite things; my favourite hobby, and my favourite person, all without busting the budget!

I ballroom dance for leisure and I thought it might be fun to try and teach Adrian a few steps as part of our night in. He doesn't come to classes with me (it's really not his thing!) but I did manage to show him a basic hold and also a couple of Waltz steps. He is really musical so timing and rhythm is no problem for him, I think he just prefers to listen to and play music rather than dance to it!

I didn't just want to spend the £50 on food and treats, though this would have been easy to do! Instead, I split the money and spent half of it on food, treats and drinks, and took £25 off with me around the charity shops. Adrian bought a couple of records, including one for me (a bit of Elton John) to listen to in the evening-some of our best nights in have involved spinning vintage choons on the record player and having a little disco dance in the front room!

I bought a couple of little bits and pieces for our home; I think it's really important to create an environment you love spending time in. I love my home and things like candles and flowers can really add to that lovely atmosphere. We also dug out some ballroom dancing books for tips; some old ones that belonged to Adrian's gran and a Fred Astaire book of mine that was a charity shop find. I could spend all evening looking at the pictures!

I also bought a frock to wear in the evening, which I ended up not wearing because it was unseasonably cool that day! Hence my jeans and ballroom shoe combo! This adorable mint green number was a charity shop find and cost just £4. In this mind, you could buy a whole outfit for a night in (or out!) for such a little amount, and really make it your own unique look.

I really enjoyed spending a night in, in a different way from the 'usual' Friday nights in with junk food and tele! So thank you MoneySupermarket for the challenge!

Is staying in the new going out? How would you spend your perfect night in?

XO Amie
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