Spend vs Save

Spend vs Save
I often write posts around spending on my blog; it is called 'Credit Crunch Chic' after all! I'm always keen to understand more about where my money goes and how I can make the best of it, whether that's understanding more about the different methods of saving available to me, to learn more about ISA's, or how to best get the use out of a credit card. I think the key, for me, over the years, has been to learn where to spend a little more and where to rein in; some things can be picked up cheaply and there's no need to go over the top with costs but for other things, it's worth spending a little more in the short term to reap a long term benefit. 
There are many savings account options online, and these can be useful to look at particularly if, like me, you enjoy shopping online too! It's handy to keep an eye on where your spending goes and how you can make savings where you need and/or want to. When it comes to spending, I usually look at where I can save-for example on a very trend led piece that has a short shelf life-or where it's worth spending more, on something that will give you more longevity.

There are examples of both of these in the look book above. Cute cami tops are essential for hot weather, but there's no need to spend a fortune on them-let's face it, you may only get a month's wear from them! They can be picked up cheaply and packed away when the sun goes in. Likewise, gorgeous straw totes can be picked up for a very reasonable price; I got mine for €15 on holiday in Portugal.

I would suggest it is prudent to spend more on items that you want to get more wear from. An amazing fitting pair of jeans are such a wardrobe staple, that you will wear constantly all year round. You don't need to spend a vast amount on them, but it is probably good economy to buy the pair that fit you the best, regardless of the cost. There's nothing worse than buying a cheaper pair that bag around the knees or start to slip down after an hour's wear; you'll end up going back and getting the better pair anyway which will end up costing you even more!

Likewise, a pair of flat, leather sandals are worth picking up simply on a cost-per-wear basis. They will last you summers for years to come with a little care and just get softer and better with age. With jeans or skirts, they are a classic neutral that will always be in style and a definite investment!
I always think that jewellery can be one of those accessories you can go either way on. It's always lovely to have some more expensive pieces; I have very sensitive skin and can't wear a lot of the cheaper end pieces for any length of time, so I choose more gold or silver plated pieces that I can wear day in and out, without the fear of getting a rash or the item tarnishing. However there are so many fantastic high street items that can be really on trend and are perfect for updating a look without spending a whole lot of money!

What do you like to spend your money on? Are there some items you consider investments over other pieces?

XO Amie
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