Polka Dots

Wearing: Vintage polka dot skirt (charity shop) ASOS peplum top, Topshop T-bar shoes, OASAP straw hat

This weather is making me super happy, mainly for the reason that as a person who is permanently cold, I can actually wear skirts without tights and tops without arms for a change. Can you believe this is England? Adrian mentioned the other day that it reminded him of summers as a child, when the whole of the holiday from school stretched ahead of you in one glorious, sun baked haze. I had really forgotten what decent sunshiny weather can do for your mood, and apart from the holiday I took in April, when Adrian and I went to Portugal, I've not seen weather like this for many a year!

Predictable blogger's weather report aside, how cute is this vintage skirt? I found it a few weeks ago in my favourite charity shop and snapped it up, it's got a French lable (naturellment) and is a really nice length and fit. I teamed it with this ASOS peplum blouse that I can't seem to take off at the moment, and another piece I'm obsessed with, these Topshop T-bar shoes.

There's a whole story to these shoes that is shaped in the same way as one of the first blog posts I ever wrote, concerning a pair of shoes I'd seen, but couldn't afford to buy at the time. I was telling my friend Lauren about them, wistfully bemoaning the fact that they weren't mine and planning several outfits around them. Fast forward a week or two, and my darling friends Lauren and Hayley had sneaked to the shop behind my back and bought them for me, hiding them at work in the shoe stockroom (the shop I worked in sold shoes) and making a treasure map for me to find them. Still one of the best and most thoughtful birthday gifts I'd ever received, I still smile thinking about the generosity and kindness of those girls. Anyway, I'd been after these shoes (above) for an age, and spotted them on the Topshop website, sold out everywhere apart from a small shopping centre that I thought was close by, but didn't know how to get to. Turns out, another of my friends lived close to it, and happily popped in and picked them up for me-how kind. I am so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful girl friends who appreciate a decent shoe or two. 

Enough from me and my shoe obsession now, I'm off to partake in another obsession...reality TV! Can't get enough of this years Big Brother! (don't judge!)

XO Amie
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