Product Review: The Body Shop Morrocan Rose EDT

I do love a new perfume. I'd love to say that I had a signature scent, something I return to year on year, but, grown up and glamorous as that is, I am too finickity to stick to just one smell. I like to choose a perfume to suit my mood, or the occasion, or just because I fancy it, and I think I'd get bored of wearing the same one day in and out. Maybe I've just not found the right one yet? I have a feeling Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess could be it; I've asked for it for my birthday but in the interim I am thoroughly enjoying wearing this little Body Shop scent. Called 'Morrocan Rose', I was drawn to the title really-I love the smell of roses and the prefix 'Moroccan' made me think that this would be a kind of 'spiced rose' fragrance, which I suppose it is, of sorts. The notes within are (of course) Moroccan rose but also lemon oil, vanilla, spices and musk, which gives it a really heady but not overpowering scent which lasts. One of the sticking points for me with a new fragrance is, does it last more than an hour? I applied this at 8.30am and by 7pm it's still going strong. I adore it, and, it's half price in the sale at the moment and costs just £7.50. Beautiful bargain! Additionally, it's also a cracking dupe for 'Stella' by Stella McCartney. Sold!

XO Amie
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