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Sales time is undeniably my favourite time of year. I have bought a few bits and pieces over the last few weeks actually because I tend to hold off at the beginning of the spring/summer seasons and wait and buy pieces when they are reduced later in the year. This usually works well because our seasons are so changeable; it's not as if I will need to have a backstock of skirts and shorts by April, because the weather might or might not be suitable to wear them!

I tend to buy any particular 'trend led' pieces I like in the sales because I don't like spending too much on items I'm uncertain about getting wear from. I had my eye on some silk dungarees in Zara which I wouldn't have bought at full price, but am tempted at 60% off; however I'm still not sure if I can totally work a dungaree; I'd love to say that I could but at rapidly approaching 30 years of age I feel they might be a bridge too far. (No offense to anyone over 30 who loves dungarees mind!)

Something I am always on the look out for is a classic investment piece and as such two of my sale purchases this summer have been so; I found an amazing leather jacket on ASOS which you'll probably not see on here until autumn, but I adore it and couldn't turn it down at the bargain price it was, and secondly, these beautiful mid heeled courts by luxury brand Gaspard Yurkievich. These shoes are pretty much my perfect black court shoes; textured, not too high, almond of toe and easy on the eye. A class act, and something I always try to attain with my footwear. These shoes have an simple longevity which I will return to year on year; a true classic that time won't alter, I could well be wearing these shoes when I'm in my 50's! 

Clocking in at an eyewatering £208.99 these are hardly a bargain pair; whilst not quite at the dizzying heights of Louboutins and/or Choos, these are more expensive than I'd ever be able to afford. Until they are reduced by 70%, making them a much more frugal purchase as, lets face it, cost-per-wear on these beauties is probably going to hit negative equity before I've finished with them!

Yep, these have definitely got my name written all over them. My new favourite shoes? Very possibly!

What have you bought in the sales so far? What's been your biggest bargain?

XO Amie

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