Legs Eleven

Wearing: ASOS top, vintage Clarks handbag, Topshop shoes, vintage shorts, Gap hat

Right out of my comfort zone in these strictly holiday/balcony wear booty shorts. But on the days of the year when the UK is hotter than Ibiza, it's fair enough to crack them out I think, with a looser fitting top so I don't feel completely naked. I always worry with shorts like these that my bum cheeks will hang out of the back of them but happily these ones are cut longer at the back to avoid such fashion faux pas!

Adrian and I spent the day in the sunshine and went to a local park pretty early on in the day to do a bit of bird watching and sun soaking. Even before 10am the temperature was up in the high twenties, it was absolutely beautiful and long may it continue! Adrian took some amazing pictures of little birds sunbathing in the grass, aren't they lovely?

Again I'm rocking the 'beach waves' look (read: can't be bothered to brush my hair so have stuck a hat on) seriously this is the easiest to achieve look ever, maybe it helps that my hair has a natural wave but I spray a bit of surf spray on it, scrunch and go. Simple! I'll share a review of the spray I use soon because a couple of people have asked which is interesting, it means maybe people don't think my hair looks a total state!

Hope you have been enjoying the sunshine too!

XO Amie
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