Megawatt Glamping

Megawatt Glamping

When I was invited to create a 'Festival' style board featuring Hunter wellies from Charles Clinkard, I decided I would think outside the box a little. Who says festival-chic is limited to sawn off Levis and plaid? Not me, so I decided to inject a little high octane glamour into what can be a pretty laid back type vibe. Who'd have thought monochrome and a pop of neon could work for a festival? I absolutely love the simplicity and edge that this outfit lends. It probably wouldn't work the best in a mud-bath situation, granted-white and mud don't mix well-but if the weather was only slightly unseasonable I think this would look stunning!

Of course, a pair of wellies are a must have, whatever the weather; and these Hunter's are a classic and chic style that will serve you for years and look fantastic regardless of what you choose to pair them with. Other fashionable essentials for a festival also include sunglasses (to prevent the evening sun squint syndrome) and (of course, in the UK) a brolly. This clear bubble brolly is also from Hunter and is perfect to allow you to see in front of you whilst still keeping you dry!

I chose this dip back blouse to add a bit of luxe to the look, and it's so versatile; wear it buttoned up with the neon statement necklace for a really stylish look or you could wear it looser and open with rolled sleeves, over a cami or bralet, if the weather decided to heat up.

Instead of jeans or trousers I chose silk shorts to pair with the Hunters and blouse. Silk is an amazing fabric and will keep you warm when it's cold, and vice versa. These gorgeous navy ones are practical and useful (i.e, won't take ages to dry if they get damp, like denim does!) as well as being beautiful.

Finally, what could be better to complete a festival chic look than a classic biker jacket. This is essential after the sun goes down and also doubles up as a handy seat pad when you need to stop for lunch! The inside zipped pockets are also fantastic to store any bits and pieces you need to carry with you, negating the need for a handbag! 

I love this, and now I just need an excuse to wear it!

XO Amie
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