The Lost Outfit

Wearing: H&M hat and necklace, APC tunic (via eBay) Whistles silk trousers (end of line clearance sale) Moda In Pelle block heeled ballet shoes from Spartoo

For transitional weather, I always reach for silk. There's something about silk as a fabric that I really love; I've mentioned before that I'm a really textural shopper and I am always drawn to more luxe feeling pieces and of course silk fills that remit!

I also love the way these trousers fit. They sit quite high on the waist and then drape so prettily on the legs. They're also really comfortable and despite being silk, I wear them quite a lot; I'm so over keeping clothes 'for best' because ultimately I would only wear ragged old jeans and a slouchy knit all the time if I kept all my pretty clothes just for a special occasion! Additionally silk, I've found, isn't that hard to care for; if you hand wash it and iron cooly it normally comes out just fine!

I have called this look 'The Lost Outfit' as it has been hanging on my mirror for about two weeks waiting for me to wear it. I often do this; pull together an outfit to wear and then forget about it, but when I find it again I'm reminded why I love each piece so much. I was unsure if the length of the tunic would make me look a bit stumpy in these pics, as I would normally wear something like this with a skinny jean, but I think for a change (I wear skinny jeans all the time!) these trousers just add another element. It's another French inspired look really, what with the APC and the bowler and the red lip and the stripes, not to mention the patent ballet flats with the cutest block heel...what can I say, I am becoming more Franglais in my styling every day.

I do wish that the seasons were more defined in the UK; I feel like I could be wearing this in March or October, and I miss reaching for my sunglasses and getting my legs out!

XO Amie
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