Glossybox: The June Edition

Contents: June Glossybox

As Glossyboxes go, this probably isn't the best selection of products I've ever recieved, which is a pity as I had really been enjoying them up until now. I really do like that they choose a theme each month-June's was "summer looks"-but I am really struggling to work out how a grey eye pencil and a berry nail polish constitute 'summer;' maybe that's just my personal choice.

The Me Me Me nail varnish is a very pretty shade, albeit not one I'd associate with summer, and the Helen E Cosmetics grey eye pencil is inoffensive enough, but I won't be able to review them as I've passed them on to my mum. I'll report back with her thoughts, unfortunately I don't wear kohl eyeliner (liquid all the way) and since buying my gel nail kit I've been eschewing 'normal' nail polish which seems to last all of five seconds before I manage to chip it. So, these two products didn't even get the chance to grace my bathroom cabinet before they were unceremoniously moved on.

The Sarah Chapman Skinesis is much more my cup of tea, however, I have been using this nightly and am enjoying the moisture boost it gives to my skin. I have to admit that I'm more of a sucker for skincare than beauty; Do you know if there are any beauty boxes that just focus on skincare items? I think I would be more inclined to cancel my Glossybox sub and choose that over it, if such a thing exists, because it's always the makeup products that are the things I don't seem overly keen on. If you know of such a 'skincare only' box, please let me know in the comments so I can investigate!

The Figs and Rouge lip balm is very sweet to look at but I wasn't overly enamoured with the product; it felt cheap and the colour was completely off on me (very 90's and frosted, and I did that the first time round, thanks.) However the organic formulation definitely impressed me and I have been using it of an evening before bed as it does help keep my dry mouth in check. I just wouldn't want to be photographed wearing it!

Finally, a staple of my Glossyboxes these days seems to be a perfume sample. I can't really complain about this too much as I love perfume, and this Hugo Boss Jour is really beautiful, combining fresh, floral scents (one of my all time favourite flower scents, honeysuckle) makes this a winner in my book, and I'll certainly be using it, although I did try out Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess today which literally smells like holidays in a bottle, and is definitely on my perfume wish-list!

XO Amie
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