The Beauty Blend: Bronzing

golden glow

I am really beginning to get hooked on a proper beauty 'routine' these days, as opposed to simply sticking to my usual cat eye flick / red lip combo that I've been wearing for at least a decade and a half. I suppose everyone falls into a rut from time to time; whether that's with regard to style or beauty, it sometimes just becomes easy to keep doing what you've always done rather than push the boundaries and try new things.
I have always viewed bronzing very suspiciously. As a fairly pale skinned individual, my forays into the fake tan/bronzed look always ended up patchy, uneven and voraciously orange in varying capacities. I've learned over time that it's best to go very softly when it comes to faking a golden glow; packing it on invariably leads to the tangerine hue that nobody ever wants to achieve.
I've picked out some products that would form the basis of my dream golden glowing complexion, which I always think looks so chic in the summertime, when minimal makeup can be worn and products are actually there to highlight rather than to conceal. I love the idea of switching out a translucent face powder for a lightly toned bronzer to add a subtle gleam to the skin; making my blue eyes pop with a combination of bronze and golden toned eyeshadows and (of course) setting the lot off with a cat eye flick (trademark).
It would be natural to me to gravitate towards a statement lip to go with a freshly flushed face but I've chosen to go for a more St Tropez than Marbella vibe with a nude lipstick and matching nails. Somehow this combination of matte nudes and shimmering tones emanates elegance and sophistication; this makeup look doesn't need to echo a rallying call for attention, the face in it's (albeit polished) natural state is beautiful and captivating enough.
What do you think of this combination? Would you choose these golden-hued nudes?
XO Amie
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