Mini Superdrug Haul

I wanted to post this little beauty haul of things I picked up from Superdrug last week! I picked up the MUA eyeshadow trio in "Emotions" simply because I loved the look of it; I bought the "Undress Me" palette a couple of weeks ago and have been using it almost constantly since, I was so impressed with the quality for the money. This little trio cost £3 and I have already started to use and love them!

I was more disappointed with the eyeshadow primer base. This cost £2 and really hasn't worked for me at all; in fact my eyeshadow creases less when I don't use it! Maybe it's just me...has anyone else found this?

I was also sucked in to trying the B. range which is Superdrug's own beauty and skincare range. I bought a gel melt cleanser (which I am adoring; it is amazing!) and some Micellar water, which is a product I have wanted to try for a while so it made sense to pick it up when it was on offer. Couldn't decide whether it was a stitch up to be paying for something that comes free out of the tap...but apparently there is more to it than just "water" and this is evident when I use it....take a lot of junk out of your skin!

XO Amie
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MILEX said...

oh my<3

Gemma Talbot said...

I love the Mua eyeshadow palette. I love bronze eyeshadows so this palette would be perfect for me x

Unknown said...

Ooh the eyeshadow trio looks really nice!!

Unknown said...

I think I'd be skeptical about a water cleanser like this too but I guess if it works, it works! :) Shame the MUA palette didn't work for you, maybe try their lippies? The pigments are fab ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

Anonymous said...

The eye-shadow palette looks soooo pretty! Great buys :)

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