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Wearing: Topshop coat, Vintage scarf,  Mulberry bag, H&M bowler, Topshop jeans, Celine tee (via eBay) vintage shoes

Today I thought it would be nice to make the most of the changeable weather (windy/sunny/rainy/snow-currently stuck on sunny) to get some snaps taken for an outfit post. I really liked this background which is a pretty stark and simple one but I liked the look of it so Adrian started taking my picture. After a time I leant back against it to get a few different looks and noticed something out of the corner of my eye. The wall was mottled with tiny holes and out of each hole, a giant (no exaggeration!) spider was emerging. After I'd calmed down and made Age reassure me that there were no spiders crawling on my coat/hair/scarf, we realised that they were almost like trapdoor type spiders, each of the little holes in the wall having tiny strands of silk around it's entrance. Well of course me posing like a pro up against the wall enticed them out by disturbing the silk strands. I was completely freaked out but it was quite interesting in some respects, who knew you'd get spiders like that in the UK? Urgh, they were huge, shiny and brown with the longest legs! *shudder* oh the perils of blogging!

 I've had this blogger's fave Celine tee for ages, but I hadn't got round to wearing it as it's a bit of a funny shape on me. I bought it thanks to an eBay link by VIPXO (see here) and I bought a size medium, it's quite short in the body but too broad in the back for me so I don't think I'll be able to wear it without something over the top of it like a jacket or cardigan as it makes me look very square! This whole outfit is very me; I love mixing a bit of high street with a cheeky lable and obviously a dose of vintage. My fave!

I also used the slightly sunnier weather to sack off the boots I've been wearing all week and pop on my favourite vintage granny shoes which I got in a charity shop. I am obsessed with grannyish footwear and luckily seem to be able to find a fair few pairs in my size in my local charity shops so I am always scooping these up. These are my pair of the moment but will probably be usurped by a pair of Charles Jourdan's I picked up for £4.99 last week!

Finally I just wanted to let you know you can follow my blog on Bloglovin. As you may or may not be aware, Google Reader (and possibly soon Google Friend Connect) is now defunct and so you can keep track of all my posts very easily on Bloglovin. I've only recently begun using it myself but I am really enjoying the platform; it's much easier to have all my favourite blogs in one place to bea ble to read and comment at my leisure. Just click on the link above to join in!

XO Amie
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Holl JC said...

You look amazing! This is such a wonderful outfit, absolutely perf! xxx


Unknown said...

lovely look!


hannah said...

Hi lovely, hope you're keeping well! Thank you so much for your sweet comments :) much appreciated! You look amazing as ever Amie! I love your style, it's the perfect mix of vintage and new. I'm glad someone else browses their local charity shops as much as I like to - I think it's great never knowing what you might find! I can't believe all those spiders, I would have died!!! I hate spiders (as much as you by the sounds of it!). I would have had my boyfriend do the same checks, and still wouldn't have believed there were none on me, haha! I'm guessing you won't be getting close to that particular wall again any time soon!! Have to say, it does look great as a backdrop though! xxxx

hannah said...

P.s. Following you on BlogLovin now :) had no idea about Google Reader!! xxx

daisychain said...

I have ring envy! x

Sarah said...

Could you be anymore chic? I'll answer that, no! Firstly- hat= amazing. Bangs= even better! And your outfit? Well, no words fit better than Oh la la! Madam, you have style!

Sarah XxX

jordane yasmin said...

this is such a gorgeous, girly british outfit! love it xxx

Emma said...

Spiders coming out of the wall sounds terrible! You look great, though! I love that shirt :)

Sophie said...

I've been after one of these t shirts for ages!

Anonymous said...

love your look

Unknown said...

Well jel of your giantly long hair! I am patiently growing mine but I want it to stop being mid length IMMEDIATELY!

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Really nice! I love it!!

HighlandFling said...

I love your fringe, that was what I always wanted mine to look like but it never played game. I am also enjoying this outfit, I like the way you wore the infamous Celine tee!

E x

The Style Rawr said...

Just a cute look Amie, I love that Topshop coat! Gosh, that was a pretty close encounter you had there at Spider Central. ;)


amalie said...

cute jacket! and you pull off that hat pretty well xx

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