Off Duty

Wearing: Zara knit, Gap shirt, Quiksilver cargo's, Boden sneakers, Vintage jewellery, Marc Jacobs watch

This is about as low key as I get, outside my Pilates clothes! A few years ago I would never have dreamed I'd wear trainers of any sort-they were for exercise only-but I have to admit I've fallen a little in love with that French chic way of wearing them with a skinny pant and a smarter top half. I might even have purchased a pair of classic white converse for the summer months...!

However at the moment, this Boden pump is my sneaker of choice. Apart from being incredibly comfortable, I also love that they're a bit of a talking point; they get commented on a LOT and I think they are really cute. They haven't done animal print ones this season but I do like the polka dot print they've plumped for instead, check them out here.

This Zara knit is just the right side of cosy cool, I think the gemstone detailing to one side of the collar is quite unusual and I love the fit. I decided to wear it with a white shirt to channel the monochrome trend and if I was feeling particularly fashion forward I would maybe have picked skinny black trousers and boots to pair it with but that didn't look cute enough so I went for a pair of comfy Quiks 'houlihan' style cargo's and these daps instead. I'll probably wear this top half to fashion week with a pair of silk skinny pants and some court shoes, because it is classic but also quite feminine, which I really like.

I went to visit my mum, dad and brothers today which was wonderful. My mum took all these great pictures and my brother Jake managed to put my puzzle ring back together-in under half an hour after I'd been struggling for days and watched countless YouTube tutorials. Some people just have the skills!

Hope you have a great weekend!

XO Amie
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Sophie Pearl Edward said...

Hey - I am looking to buy that watch and did you go for the gold ? I am choosing between rose gold and sillver and don't know what to go for :(. How long have you had yours and is it still looking like new? as they are only plated I don't what the colour to peel off

Unknown said...

Lusting after your watch!

Holl JC said...

You look awesome! Such a lovely outfit, and the detailing on your jumper is gorgeous! xxx

Victoria said...

I love the shoes. I assumed they were Converse. This is a great outfit!

hannah said...

Going to be predictable here and say how much I love your watch :) it's very pretty! I also love your Boden trainers, they're so cute! I wore a pair similar to death last year, they were just grey ones but they matched my leather jacket (how sad!). I'm always on the search for another perfect pair, I don't like ones where the toe cap looks too shiny and white. Yours look perfect - I can see why they would be a talking point! Very pretty too, as always :) even in your off duty clothes you manage to look rather glam! xx

daisychain said...

stunner stunner stunner. I wish I looked like this "off duty" xx

Unknown said...

I love this! A nice casual look jazzed up with some golden accessories, very cool! Fab shoes too!

MILEX said...

I am a fan!

Roseberry Jam said...

I totally agree with you; I was anti-trainers for ages and have only just realised they're not just for being super scruffy or exercising! Your outfit is really cute, I can never seem to do 'casual' I just look scruffy haha! xx

The Style Rawr said...

I love these pumps, sooo cute!!

The Style Rawr!

Anonymous said...

love this look! you're so cute!

Unknown said...

I love this outfit! and great photos too.
-Kate xo

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