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White gold and Swarovski elements rings from Silver Superstore

I really don't go in for over-glitzy jewellery, so you might be surprised to see these two little rings on my blog. I was invited to try a deal over on Groupon, and I was really spoilt for choice! If you haven't heard of Groupon before, it's a website offering great online shopping deals pertaining to your area and also to specific goods based deals across the country. How it works, is that you buy the "deal" online at a special reduced rate, and then you're sent a voucher to pay for the goods or service after the deal has ended. Deals are limited in their numbers and can sell out fast so you have to act quickly!

I was kindly sent a voucher to use and I chose these rings from Silver Superstore. They're actually white gold, with Swarovski crystal elements, and I chose clear and black from a plethora of colours available. I intend to wear them either singly, as a real statement piece, or stacked up on one finger for a different look. I love the simplicity of the design and the contrast of the white gold with the crystal chips. They're so pretty! I will definitely be wearing them a lot so look out for them on the blog! 

Have you used Groupon before? I must admit I am definitely a convert! It's easy and I can't believe the saving I made...the RRP on these rings was £89.99 but my voucher cost just £20. Check out the deals!

XO Amie
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Unknown said...

What a fantastic bargain! I must admit I had problems with groupon, with delivery and availability etc. But for the value for money you get, it's definitely worth it! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

daisychain said...

I keep forgetting about groupon!

The RedViolet said...

Wonderful little rings.

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