Little Mouse

Marc Jacobs "Mouse" Flats from Spartoo

I seem to have an unhealthy obsession at the moment with two things. Firstly-ballet pumps (I can't ever really sum up my love for those, but the alarming regularity with which they appear on my blog should give you an indication of my level of adoration) and secondly, cutesy little woodland creatures, such as foxes, mice, owls and anything else autumnal and sweet, with a little face. So of course, coupling the two together was pretty much certain to get me talking. And what better to talk about than these rather gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs "mouse" flats

These shoes are just too cute. A forerunner, I believe, of the Charlotte Olympia "Kitty flat", these mice have been around in varying guises for a couple of seasons, but the addition of some gold hardware on the soft tan uppers really makes them stand out to me this time, and for all the right reasons. I have a pair of kitty flat dupes, so surely it's only right that I add a little mouse to my collection? They'd go together so well!

What I really like about these is their wearability. It can be daunting, no, to put a mammal on your feet, especially as the last time we wore "themed" footwear was (probably) as children. But these are all grown up! The butter soft leather adds a smart element to any look whilst retaining a kooky hint of quirk which is ever so slightly left bank chic. I'd wear these flat shoes with a mini and bare legs, or with a classic slim cropped trouser to really show them off. You have to admit it....they're cute!

What do you make of these?

XO Amie
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