Welcome to Winter

Wearing: Topshop boucle coat, Primark fluffy jumper, Vintage jewellery, Vintage Jeans (charity shop) Vintage Shoes (charity shop) Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate (in this month's GlossyBox)

Well, winter is well and truly here and in a bid to discard my ballet pumps (get too soggy too easily) but before I succumb to boots (which I won't take off until May) I've found a little middle ground in these granny-esque loafers which I bought for about £1 I think in a charity shop in Weston. It's great there for charity shops; Bristol's are long since picked clean of any decent vintage garb by the throngs of trendy students (unless you're willing to travel to more provincial suburbs where you can find some real gems) but Weston's are all pretty amazing...true junk shop style charity shops bursting with really lovely vintage finds at a real snip of the prices that other "vintage" shops charge. On my last visit there I scored a beautiful, heavy Alexon wool coat which I am sure will appear on here soon (just need to air out the charity shop fustiness first!) but the time before that I nabbed these loafers which are as butter soft as you could ever imagine leather to be, topped off with a yummy bit of gold decor and basically since I re-discovered them the other day in my shoe suitcase they've not been off my feet. Although I did roll my ankle in them yesterday evening and it really hurt. But they're pretty, so I'll take an injured ankle. The beauty of these is that they're high cut enough to wear those little footy sock things inside-they always poke out of my ballet flats, even the higher cut ones, which is a pet peeve of mine so I rarely wear them with those, but you can't see them in these at all and they really add a bit of much-needed warmth!

I am wearing quite a casual outfit today but a statement coat and quirky shoe ups the style factor. I have also seemed to find a new go-to hair style, which is a low pony backcombed at the crown to give a little 60's style bouffant. Really easy to do and really cute. I don't often wear my hair up (high ponies give me a headache!) so this is perfect for a simple but chic up do. I'm not very hair-oriented either so it's easy and doesn't take any faffing which suits me perfectly.

Hope you like this look! Sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately....it's so hard to fit them in with the lack of natural light!
XO Amie
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hannah said...

You look beautiful, the boucle coat really suits you, I didn't think much to it when I saw it in the stores but you really pull it off. As for the loafers - what a bargain x

Unknown said...

I love your shoes. xxx


Laura UP IN THE CLOUDS said...

love your shoes and your coat! really gorgeous for fall, and very vintage-esque =) great style!



Unknown said...

such a gorgeous cardigan!! xx
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