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It's official: I'm out of my ballet pumps. Yes, it's just too cold for naked feet so I've had to hunt out a pair of winter boots. This year they come courtesy of Clarks and this Langdon Place style. I had to retire my trusty Clarks Originals sadly as I had pretty much worn them out...(seen here in their better days!) they'll still definitely be used as my "walk to work in the rain" boots (they're so comfy, cosy and waterproof!) but for day to day, I knew they'd be replaced (sorry Originals!) when I clapped my eyes on these double zipped beauties!

I love everything about these boots; the Pistol-alike shape, the double zip detail, the chunky little heel. I am going to wear these all winter long, too, because, here's the thing, like all my Clarks shoes, they're comfy. Which is always a plus in my book!

They are made of butter soft nubuck and have all the quality you'd expect from Clarks shoes. I am certain you'll be seeing much more of these boots on the blog....what do you think?

XO Amie
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Unknown said...

these are so cute! xx

Anonymous said...

They're lovely. I like the two tone thing going on gives them a trendy feel. Sometimes clarks can be frumpy but they're not frumpy at all!

MILEX said...


Rebecca said...

Once again you're praising Clarks haha I love you, gorgeous boots! x

Anonymous said...

Super cool boots! Jealous <3

Sasha said...

These are amazing - so classic.

Glad you're still blogging, haven't been keeping up with blog-reading very well recently but yours was always one of my faves xxx

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