Swing Out...

Jacket: Vintage
Jumper, Skinny Pants: The Gap
Boots: Clarks
Scarf: H&M
Bag: Topman

 Well! I haven't done an outfit post in yonks, probably because Adrian and I have been so super busy with various things I've literally not had time to make him take any photos! However I have managed some for todays post, which is a pretty tame affair but I really wanted to show you my favourite new jacket. It's a vintage one that I found in a charity shop and I love it; I have been looking for a navy blazer and this one is kind of 'schooly' in style which I really like. It was a tenner, which is expensive for a charity shop, but since it fitted so nicely I didn't mind spending out. It's made by Ernest Newton and is fabulous quality, I am so pleased with it.
Yesterday was my first day off in 8 days, sorry there was no post but I had a few things to do and by the time I got home I just wanted to crash out. In the morning I popped up to my local charity shops, donated a huge bag of goodies and then visited some chazzers in the next town along-where I found a beautiful navy Bennetton cashmere v-neck (£2.99) a vintage cream blouse with a crochet peter pan collar (£1.99) and a ridiculously cool, very Michael Jackson-esque vintage leather jacket which fits me perfectly (£10). I will try to cram them into an outfit post soon!
For those of you who are interested, or have asked previously, my boots are from Clarks, as part of the Originals range. I adore them-they're SO comfy and I can wear them all day long with no worries. I love how they look quite edgy tucked into my skinny trousers. I balanced out the skinny bottom half with this fabby swing jumper (I can't ever resist a stripe, me) and clashed everything up with some leopard print. Hope you like! 
Have a wonderful weekend...I have a Saturday off work for the first time in ages so I am going to try and hit up some jumble sales!
XO Amie
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