She likes to keep it simple...

Wearing: Whistles tee, Gap peg top trousers, Hudson cut out brogues

You may notice my pictures look a little different today! I have been playing around with the editing and I feel this may be a little dark but I quite like it for a change. I'm going to be making a few changes to my blog because I feel it's a little stale in an environment where everybody wants their blog to be noticed, I think mines something of a wallflower. Which is what I am in real life so that doesn't matter too much, but I'd prefer to make my posts more exciting and the content more interesting; more of a journal of my day rather than me, yelling yoo-hoo in my work clothes. So we'll see what happens there! The most exciting part of the changes I want to make involve my photography skills (or lack thereof) but I am hoping that they will develop (no pun intended) with the use of Adrian's camera-which is a proper "bloggers" camera rather than my 'point & shoot' number-which he has extremely kindly said that I can use. It's a lovely camera and the images always come out looking that much better than on my old cheapo number, so I am very lucky to habe the use of it (promise I won't break it Age!) and I am also going to see if I can get a remote for it to make solo picture taking a little easier. Fingers crossed on that front-first I have to see if I can fit it to my tripod!
XO Amie
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Paige Rhianne said...

Lovely photos your shoes are adorable! And i love the colour of your hair! xx

Ally J said...

Your shoes are so pretty. Loving your simple look :)


Unknown said...

The photos gives out a certain mood, love your shoes btw! x

Emma-Louise said...

I actually prefer the lighting you've used here. Nice simple outfit :) xx

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