Wearing: Boucle Jacket (just seen) Primark, La Tenace Ballet Pumps, Zara Trousers, Quiksilver Denim Shirt

There's nothing I like more than getting home from work, kicking off my shoes and sticking the kettle on. Today was no exception as I have a new tea tray to try out; thanks TK Maxx! I love the homewares in there; sometimes it's a bit of a jumble (especially in my local store) but you can, on occasion, strike gold and this is what I did with this tray! £2.99 mind! I also got some lovely tumblers and some V&A bath towels. It was a successful trip!
I hate to think of Autumn but it does seem to be creeping up. The blackberries in our garden are ripe and juicy and the weather of late has been, well, autumnal to say the least, although tomorrow is looking better...I hope so! Lets see some sun!
XO Amie

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Jessica said...

All the above jewellery is lovely! Ooh well done getting those bargains, love looking at the homeware in TK Maxx :)
We've had a gorgeously sunny day today, I hope you get the same tomorrow xx

hannah said...

From what I see of your jacket it looks lovely :) and that tea tray is delightful - what a bargain! I love TK Maxx too, especially the home section. I will be keeping my eye out for a tea tray now :) x

katymitten said...

Arr a new piece of homeware is always so exciting! Love the tea tray too.x

Anna said...

Your blog is always such a pleasure to read! I really love your simplistic sense of style - you always look effortlessly cool. Your shoes are super cute by the way :)

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