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Wearing: Polka dot blouse by The Gap, chino's by Zara, Vintage loafers, Cardigan by The Gap

So, a couple of weeks ago I took delivery of the beautiful Wish magazine, produced by Carrie of WishWishWish and Lucy of Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, both of whom make me want to burn my wardrobe and give up blogging entirely, so beautiful are their own blogs. Nonetheless, we can't all be the same, so I will keep doing what I do, and hoping you all like it :) 
The Wish mag acquisition was a trauma in itself as when the magazine first arrived, it had been ripped open and my freebie pencil was missing. I tweeted Lucy to make sure there was nothing else awry from the parcel and she said she'd send me the missing pencil. Yay! It arrived a few days later....broken in half! Those of you who follow my Instagram will have seen the snaps! Ah well-obviously the Postie was well jel and wanted to keep it himself!
It was worth it in the end though as the magazine is (as you would expect) a visual plethora of gorgeousness. I was particularly drawn to an article featuring the aforementioned Carrie and Lucy, in which they describe themselves as "Early Grannies," given that they enjoy pursuits more suited to a more geriatric generation. I concur; No clubbing for me these days, I wear ear plugs to gigs and like a spot of bakery. In addition, my wardrobe has definitely got a touch of Granny styling; this has always been the case to be honest, ever since I was a young 'un and found the local charity shops, as opposed to the local branch of New Look, to be my chosen stomping ground. Granny slacks, Granny Blouses, Granny pleated skirts, Granny shoes; I love them all and they'll all be found in my wardrobe somewhere. My style constantly evolves but I always come back to the winter generation for boucle and silk are my favourite fabrics, and a good leather shoe with a sturdy block heel is always a winner. I try to wear it in a modern way, I think you have to, for fear of looking like you're in fancy dress. So here I have taken a silk polka dot blouse with cream chino's, and a pair of Granny Grigg buckle-my-shoes I picked up in a Wezzer's chazzer for £1. I am also wearing vintage tiger's eye earrings but I forgot to snap those. And a beige cardi! What self respecting Granny style-emulator would be without THAT!? 
XO Amie 
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Unknown said...

Very nice! :)

Ally J said...

The spotty blouse is so pretty, loving a bit of granny style :)


Myprettymummy said...

Beautiful outfit! I love your blog! new follower xx

Rebecca said...

Lovely outfit, such a fab blouse! x

Unknown said...

your hair colour is amazing

Unknown said...

your hair colour is amazing

daisychain said...

I am loving your shoes! xo

Anonymous said...

So cool. love this vintage mood look. :)

You have such a lovely blog! What do you think of following each other?

WhiteCloset Fashion Blog

Femke. said...

love these pictures <3


R said...

Love these pictures, so whimsical and dreamy! This look is so effortless and cool - don't burn your wardrobe yet!!

R xo

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