Holidays, Cos and Marni

Hey everyone, I'm back! After a lovely holiday to Devon to catch up with our families and soak up the sun. I realised I'd forgotten to let you all know I'd be off the blog for a few days but fear not, I'm back now! I will be posting some outfits soon but for now I wanted to show you a few of my recent purchases. I have been kind of keeping half an eye on AW trends because despite a glorious week in the Devon sunshine, summer seems to be all but over and I can't be spending my hard earned pennies on fabulous summer fripperies if there's no weather to wear them. I posted about my newest obsession (Cos) in a post before my holidays and I have to admit I've indulged in a couple of pieces-a block printed navy sweater, a colourful (for me) printed silk fronted sweater, a beige striped scarf, and a stacking ring. All these pieces have slotted nicely into my existing wardrobe and I know they'll see me through into Autumn.
My best finds of the last couple of weeks came from a browse (through boredom!) of the H&M website. Checking out the dregs of their sale I was astounded to see a couple of uber cheap Marni pieces that I just had to get my hands on. I liked this collection and I am particularly taken by the luxe brocade shell top (which I'll wear with skinny pants and an ankle boot in the Autumn) and this leather fronted jumper which is quite frankly bizarre but I adore it. I also found this very Louis Vuitton inspired chain link leather necklace which at just £3.99 was a no brainer-in the bag it went!
Have you been buying anything new lately? I'll have to go and check out all your blogs and see :)
XO Amie
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Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

great post!!

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

Unknown said...

I love the ring!


Style At Every Age said...

Fantastic buys, love it all!

Abi Tottenham-Smith said...

love both the Marni items, gorgeous! Glad you had a lovely holiday xx

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