One Thousand Posts! And Editor's Pick!

I totally forgot to post yesterday; I don't really know what happened but all of a sudden I was in bed and I thought I had posted but clearly not. Doh. It's been a very stressful couple of weeks with work and lots of things going on so I am pleased to have a little time off now to relax and recoup. 
In other news; Credit Crunch Chic has been chosen as the Editor's Pick for the Shopaholic website. This is an amazing honour and I am so chuffed! Here's my little award, yay. This coincides nicely with another fact-I've hit 1000 posts. WOW. Who'da thunk it!? Thanks for all your help and support and lovely comments AS EVER!
XO Amie
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Unknown said...

Oh yay, such a lovely news! I have got a way more post to even crawl to 300! Congrats! Xx


Eva Tornado said...

Hi! I liked your blog, it looks interesting! I offer you my sincere friendship!=)
Please, follow me on Bloglovin: Kisses From Europe
I will follow you via Bloglovin too;) Let's support each other! ^^

. said...

Congrats! :) x

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