Graze Box #2

I was so looking forward to the next instalment of my Graze box because the first had been so yummy. Safe to say I was not disappointed! This time the contents included honeycomb flapjack, breadsticks with chutney dip, peking dynasty cracker mix and honey and fennel peanuts! Yuuuuum! I was so sceptical of this concept to begin with but I am so pleased I decided to sign up because both of the boxes I've had so far have been delicious. I also got a "make your own" desk cactus with this box! As you do!
XO Amie
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Make me up said...

aah cute packaging! I may have to invest in one! x said...

This looks brilliant! I love the 'box' ideas (like the beauty boxes etc). It would be such a nice treat

Unknown said...

Graze boxes are the best, I get so excited on the days I know mine will turn up! x

Unknown said...

Woah this all sounds SO yummy! I still haven't found such a project here in Germany, maybe I should start one myself ;)

Kim said...

Ah I always used to get Graze then stopped when I couldn't afford luxuries haha. This box looks so good dammit! x

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