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Hola! I haven't gone AWOL but last night I was soooo tired and I was in bed by about 10pm....blogging took a backseat to bed I'm afraid! Apologies also for the lack of an outfit post; unfortch a pipe has come down on the side of our house which means that the courtyard area where I normally take my pictures is sort of out of bounds until the weekend when it will be fixed. Also I have been feeling super uninspired with my wardrobe at the moment-I keep getting this-I just want to chuck everything away and restart! 
I wanted to share some eye candy, mind, in the form of this beautiful bracelet from Bex Rox. This isn't a brand I know much about, though it has had a lot of press and often features in the glossies. I love the shape and design of this bracelet; it's chunky and quite masculine in styling but the white and gold, and bow shaped fastener make it feminine too. I think it's so pretty. Anyone wanna buy it for me? (Adrian) haha I don't think he would because it is SO expensive even though it really is lovely. Do you guys own any Bex Rox? Do you like it?
Speaking of Adrian I want to share with you guys his new website. He's an illustrator (an amazing one) so check out his work here if you like! 
Also don't forget to enter my black 'n' gold glam goodie bag giveaway here! 
XO Amie
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hannah said...

What a pretty bracelet :) I love Adrian's work - the bear on the front page won me over!! I love bears, and have a thing about painting them myself! x

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