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Wearing: Gap jeans and jumper, vintage Jaeger denim shirt, vintage pumps

I can't believe that I've nearly hit the 500 mark with regards to my blog followers-I'm just 4 away! THANKYOU! this is amazing and I am so pleased to have you here, thanks to everyone who has commented or liked the Facebook page, it means a huge amount to me! I will be doing a little giveaway when I actually hit the 500 mark so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Ok so, where on earth has summer gone? It's JUNE, weather, not September, though it might as well be the tail end of autumn for all the rain and dropping temperatures. So long bare legs, from now on it's back to the jeans and jumpers-I'm freezing!

This jumper is becoming a staple for me at the moment. I love the shape and I am on the lookout for something similar, but in a different colour-any ideas? It's a little cropped so it looks good with a shirt underneath and I love it with these black skinny jeans. I really like these little vintage loafers too; plus they're super comfy!

I subscribed to Graze box today which I'm not sure if you've heard of but it's a weekly box which is packed full of healthy seeds, nuts, treats and good-for-you snacks. The first box is free, and the second half price and you can cancel your membership at any time. I am so excited to receive my first box and I'll be sharing my reviews on it soon! Have you heard of this service?

Hope you've all enjoyed your day!

XO Amie
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Anonymous said...

Love your shoes looking very comfy but chic as always x


daisychain said...

you have my dream flat shoe collection! xo

lucy jarvis said...

Very cute outfit! Love the denim with the jumper!


Sophie said...

I have major wardrobe envy! Congrats on all the followers, well deserved :)

hannah said...

After reading further down your blog I've decided I want all your clothes!! You look beautiful in all of them :)

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