Second Time Around

Oh my. I am a little bit in love with these flatforms from River Island. I saw my friend Belle in a white pair yesterday and knew I had to get myself some; they're exactly what I've been looking for; so today I picked this beige pair up in my local branch. They're so cute but, hang on, I'm 28: I remember these trainers the first time around (mid to late 90's) and I had a pair as modelled by Billie Piper on an advert for Smash Hits magazine. I've just spent about an hour google imaging to try and find a picture but I can't! These however were the closest to the ones I had:

Aren't they funny looking! If I had ever thought that 15 years later I'd be wearing the same thing again....well, I'd think that I had totally lost my senses! But funnily enough, this style of shoe is all over the high street. I like the way they are a lot more simply presented this time around-just a plain canvas lace up with a thick 'flatform' sole and no extra stitching or eyelets a la the version I had back in the day. However, I am still slightly apprehensive to wear them; I am 28 years old, surely I am too old for platform trainers!? Especially as I wore some the first time around! Now I know how my mum felt when leggings came back in!
What do you think?
XO Amie
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daisychain said...

I remember lusting over those bloody awful looking Buffalo shoes just because all the cool girls at my school had them. I much prefer the modern day flatform, esp those River Island ones x

More Mum Less Tum said...

I remember platform trainers, I always wanted a pair because of the Spice Girls, but never managed to get any. Maybe I should search ebay and try and find some :) the flatform trend is funny x

fivefeetnothing said...

Buffalo shoes were the coolest thing ever at school! But seeing them second time round is just weird. They made your legs look like golf clubs. But yet I still kind of want them!


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Haha, there were loads of buffalos worn when I was at university, especially by my titchy mate! I had some buffalo sandals (they were ok, honest) but not the hideous trainers. These are a lot nicer, although they're more like brothel creepers. I kind of want some baseball boots with a slight wedge - seen any?

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