wearing: Topshop beanie, Zara loafers, Gap everything else!

These black jeans are certainly earning their keep, I have worn them loads since I bought them! I am really struggling to wear colour at the moment, I am always leaning towards muted and neutral tones though I tried to inject a pop of colour with this neon peace sign necklace (which is old Topshop!). I try to kick up a neutral look with some sort of edgy accessory so along with the neon necklace I grabbed my trusty leopard print loafers to give a bit more interest. The beanie is pretty old my mum got it for me a few Christmases ago; as my hair is getting longer (yay!) and the weather has been so abysmal (boo!) it's handy for keeping my hair out of my face when the wind is howling!
Hope you've enjoyed your Bank Holiday weekend, not much of one for me as I was working all the way through! 
XO Amie
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Anonymous said...

I love your little necklace, very cute!

Anonymous said...

Love your shoes!

More Mum Less Tum said...

I love this whole outfit, especially the jumper it looks so cosy!

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