Wanted #018

I haven't done a wanted list for a while but something that is playing on my mind is the fact that I own NO denim shorts. They're a blogger staple, right? yet I don't have even one pair. Maybe it's because I am picky and I know exactly what I want: mid blue, not too fancy, high waist, not too "bumster;" all in all, not too much to ask, is it? Apparently so, because I can't seem to find any I like-until these. Step forward, Topshop shorts: at £28 I'll have to wait until payday to splash out but these look like they could be the winners!
XO Amie
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LoveCharlesVintage said...

There are tons of high waist shorts on etsy.com too! And they are much cheaper than topshop. Just an option if you want to purchase vintage!

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