Platform One

Wearing: vintage jeans, River Island sneakers, shirt bought in Paris. 

You might remember from this post I showed you these platform sneakers that I bought from River Island. They cost £20 which I thought was quite good considering I saw an almost identical pair in Urban Outfitters for £38. I am disappointed that they are not as comfortable as they look-they are really narrow across the front of the foot and they squeeze one of my toes (just one! on one foot?! Must be that I have one foot a little bit bigger than the other!) really badly. I'm hoping they will stretch out with wear, as at the moment I can only wear them for a couple of hours at a time. Also (soz, oversharing coming up) I have a really bad bunion on my right foot and I am finding it really painful just lately so I can't wear any shoes that are even remotely uncomfy for any length of time.
I am also wearing this dipped hem shirt which I bought in Paris, and vintage jeans. The shirt is lovely but I'm sure, as I've mentioned on here before, you'll notice it's creased: it creases at the drop of a hat but it is so thin I am able to use a really easy tip to iron it: if I've been wearing it during the day and I wanted to pop out, it would look a right state just from a mornings wear, so I use a hairdryer on a hot setting to blast out the creases. This sounds so lazy but is much quicker and easier than dragging out my ironing board!

Hope you've enjoyed the sun today!
XO Amie
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