Galaxy Mullet

wearing: vintage jacket, galaxy dress c/o SheInside, French Connection boots

I was lucky enough to be sent this lovely dress from online retailer SheInside. It's a rather fabulous webshop with a plethora of goodies to peruse, and this dress was one of the lovelies inside. Now, I haven't gone bananas with the title of this post either: apparently this dress is one of a new breed of "mullet" dresses (buisness at the front, party round the back) [which sounds dodge now that I've written it that way haha] basically in a roundabout way it means that it's longer at the back than the front. See, I could have just said that! I absolutely adore the print on this dress, it's very on-trend which, to be honest isn't usually a factor in my purchases but I had been thinking of getting something galaxy printed for some time, and this fit the bill nicely. 
Now, I kind of wish I'd put tights on but due to the fact that I cracked open the blind this morning to brilliant sunshine, I naively assumed they wouldn't be needed-but "ne'er cast a clout til May be out" was the order of the weather today. For anyone who doesn't know what this means (I didn't until my mum mentioned it last week!) it basically means don't pack away your winter garb until May's over. True: I was freezing despite the sun. Also I don't like my legs and I think they look particularly bad in these pictures (partic my knees-vile!) but there we go! I want chip legs like Alexa Chung but unfortch I think that's down to genetics. Ah well-can't moan about things we can't really change. I will say that I can notice the definition in my legs more which I am certain is down to the Pilates I've been doing-thanks to Cassey from Blogilates for the videos, if you haven't checked these out yet I encourage you to do so, they're amazing.
Back to the dress! I love the dipped hem, I think it's really unusual and I will definitely be wearing it a lot. I would wear this during the day with pumps or flats and also for an evening with boots or ankle socks and heels, it's very versatile and the colour palate is very "me". I was really unsure what to pair it with but I had to crowbar in a little bit of vintage so the cream handmade jacket was called out of retirement. It's really cute and I can't believe it but  I don't think it's made an appearance on the blog yet. So here it is! I used a belt to cinch in the waist of the dress as it's "one size" which I was a little concerned about but I'd say this would fit between a 6-10 depending on how you would like the fit to be. I'm about an 8-10 in dresses and it was a good fit but I don't have a bust to speak of so if you are more boobular (lucky!) the top part may be a little tighter.
You can buy it yourself here or just have a little looky on the website to see what else catches your eye!
Hope you like it!
XO Amie
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