Kat Maconie for Dune

Le sigh. There is a definite yearning in my heart for these....

Everyone, but everyone knows I love a good shoe. And at the moment, although my shoe collection seems to be expanding at a rapid rate, there is definitely a shoe-shaped hole waiting to be filled by this beauty. I absolutely love the Kat Maconie for Dune collection, which is available to buy online from today. At £165, these gorgeous "Shore Club" block heel sandals don't come cheap, but their classic shape and solid heel transcends seasonal 'looks' with ease. These will still be fresh and current several years down the line; no matter what the trends may throw at us. I would wear these with my vintage black tux pants for an evening out, with denim cut offs for a beachy glamazon look, with a vintage dress to add a touch of luxe to my usual quirky look....the possibilities are endless and they can easily be dressed up or down, despite their definite touch of decadence. The T-bar strap will support the foot and the heel, whilst high, is chunky and so is sure to be comfortable-something that's really important to me. Overall=WANT! I think they're beautiful and I would be proud to add such a pair to my collection.
That's not to say that Kat Maconie hasn't designed several other, amazing pairs as part of this collection: you can see and shop them all over on the Dune website. These "Shore Club" beauties also come in a range of colours, including nude and hot pink, and also a flats version. Personally I love the colour palette of this style, nude and black with a touch of gold hardware-it's like they were designed with me in mind! They are too pretty not to look at, so head on over! Anyone want to buy me this pair?!
XO Amie
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Riley Ellise said...

I can see why you like them, they are gorgeous!


Riley Ellise said...

I can see why you like them, the are gorgeous!


Abi Tottenham-Smith said...

ahhhh these shoes are amazing! Lusting! xx

Wida said...

Ha, you can start by buying me a pair!! Jk, jk.

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