Down the Middle

Wearing: Gap skinny jeans and stripe top, ASOS slippers, Primark cardigan

You might notice my hair looks slightly different in these fringe! I have been thinking about having it cut back in for a while, even toying with the idea of a full on blunt fringe, as it's become so grown out it's unreal. So I decided to try a centre parting for a change, and I do quite like the look, though I have such a massive forehead it was a bit of a risk but I think it came off-just. In conclusion, mind, I've decided to get the side fringe cut back in; my local branch of Supercuts will do this, plus a trim, for £13.95 which is near enough what Adrian pays to get his hair done (always with an open mouth and an utterance of 'city prices!') I am hoping to have that done either on my day off or sometime next week, so hopefully it will start to look more like a "style" than the mop it is at the moment. Whilst I love the look of blunt fringes, I've had one before and remember it being a right pain in the hoohah to grow out. So I figure I'll stick with the same style I've had since I was about 17. Oh well; if it aint broke! I think the style I preferred before the side fringe was that heinous 90's classic of pulling all your hair back apart from 2 strands pulled down at the front. So chic, so fashionable! Hang on, I'll grab my scrunchie! *shudder!*

I bought these ASOS 'Lucas' slipper shoes in a bed-shaped moment of weakness via my phone! Dammit ASOS make it so easy to shop! To be fair I had been stalking these shoes for weeks as they never had my size. So when I spotted them whist casually browsing I knew I had to have them. They are quite comfortable but don't seem to be doing my bunion any favours so it's back on with the suede ballet pumps at the moment; they're all I can wear as they are super soft and don't cut in.

Hope you're all having a lovely evening-I'm off to do an hour of pilates and then possibly have a watch of Fatal Attraction-love a thriller, me!

XO Amie
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