Down the Middle

Wearing: Gap skinny jeans and stripe top, ASOS slippers, Primark cardigan

You might notice my hair looks slightly different in these fringe! I have been thinking about having it cut back in for a while, even toying with the idea of a full on blunt fringe, as it's become so grown out it's unreal. So I decided to try a centre parting for a change, and I do quite like the look, though I have such a massive forehead it was a bit of a risk but I think it came off-just. In conclusion, mind, I've decided to get the side fringe cut back in; my local branch of Supercuts will do this, plus a trim, for £13.95 which is near enough what Adrian pays to get his hair done (always with an open mouth and an utterance of 'city prices!') I am hoping to have that done either on my day off or sometime next week, so hopefully it will start to look more like a "style" than the mop it is at the moment. Whilst I love the look of blunt fringes, I've had one before and remember it being a right pain in the hoohah to grow out. So I figure I'll stick with the same style I've had since I was about 17. Oh well; if it aint broke! I think the style I preferred before the side fringe was that heinous 90's classic of pulling all your hair back apart from 2 strands pulled down at the front. So chic, so fashionable! Hang on, I'll grab my scrunchie! *shudder!*

I bought these ASOS 'Lucas' slipper shoes in a bed-shaped moment of weakness via my phone! Dammit ASOS make it so easy to shop! To be fair I had been stalking these shoes for weeks as they never had my size. So when I spotted them whist casually browsing I knew I had to have them. They are quite comfortable but don't seem to be doing my bunion any favours so it's back on with the suede ballet pumps at the moment; they're all I can wear as they are super soft and don't cut in.

Hope you're all having a lovely evening-I'm off to do an hour of pilates and then possibly have a watch of Fatal Attraction-love a thriller, me!

XO Amie
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daisychain said...

I am forever accidentally ordering things from my phone;

Happy accidents!

Anonymous said...

This outfit is gorgeous, I love this cardigan

Katharine Louise said...

Love the cardigan and shoes!

Haha - just remembering the 90s hairstyles and scrunchies - hideous!

Katharine from

Bad Taste Toast said...

Lovely cardigan, it looks so comfy and cozy! Nice combo with the basic shirt and these cute shoes!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Hey:) Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog today! Your blog is lovely and I love the way your pictures look. Nice outfit too! The cardigan is just perfect, I bet I could wear it every day if I had one like that;)

It's always hard to decide whether or not to cut your hair. I actually just cut my bangs again today, they grow out so fast!

AmyBell said...

Love the background to these photos and your hair's beautiful! x

AmyBell said...

Love the background to these photos and your hair's beautiful! x

SHOEGAL said...

I really like your hair the darker colour it is at the moment. It really suits you.

Angel In This Dress said...

What camera do you use for your photos? It's such a gorgeous dreamy effect! x x


pretty pretty <3

Anna said...

I love that cardigan and top together. They're gorgeous!

Kim said...

Oh seriously I want all of your clothes! thanks :) x

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