wearing: Quiksilver parka, Gap stripe tee, Topshop Jamie jeans, Clarks ankle boots, vintage cardigan

The title of this post is "classics" because I have a few wardrobe staples which usually find themselves making an appearance in an outfit at somepoint during the week. The building blocks of this look in particular were formed of my best ever boots-the classic Clarks Westhay Snugs in Cognac. They are Clarks Originals, with the crepe sole, and here's how they looked before I wore them every day for, oh, about a year:
Sigh! Aren't they lovely.They are still; really-they've got better with age, are super comfy and I am always rain-proofing them with protector spray to ensure they will go on and on. I don't think they're available any more but I bought them because they were the best lookalike I could find to the coveted Acne Pistol boots, plus they also had a touch of the Isabel Marant Dicker boots about them too-in short, everything I longed for in a day boot. The heel is the perfect height for me (and my back!) to wear all day and they are so soft and the cognac suede just goes with everything. At £79 they weren't cheap but I would buy them again in an instant! The value for money makes these boots really worthwhile because despite their initial cost, the fact that I will wear them for years to come makes them worth their weight in gold!

A classic parka is always in style and, more importantly, really practical knowing our British weather! Mine is by Quiksilver and I love that it's quite lightweight which is really handy for everyday. A cable knit cardigan is a staple for me and I think I have a slight obsession with breton tees! Finally a decent blue jean (skinny in my case) is something I can always reach for in moments when I am lacking inspiration!

What are your "classics?"

XO Amie
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Ally J said...

Love your outfit the shoes are gorgeous!


Vix said...

I need some of those boots in my life, they look so good with everything you wear and were worth every penny. x

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