Checks and Bows

Wearing: Vintage vest top, APC skirt, Pastelle ballet flats, Primark sunnies

No vintage dress today, a vintage top instead. (I have to shoehorn a bit of vintage into most of my outfits!) I have been loving not wearing trousers the last few days, this weather is sublime. I am back to work tomorrow though so I am making the most of it.
This skirt is from APC which is one of my favourite brands (which I never buy because it's so expensive!) but when I spotted this one in the Urban Outfitters sale, reduced to £20 from £180, I knew I had to have it. There was only one left and it happened to be in my size! Lucky or what.  I love the shape and the little pockets which have cute bows on them, adorable. I wore it with a vintage vest top I got for 50p in a local charity shop and Pastelle ballet flats. I have a total obsession with ballet flats; I rarely wear flip flops because they rub in between my toes so a decent flat shoe usually presents itself in the shape of a good quality ballet. I don't really buy cheap ones, because I have a bunion on my foot (urgh!) and the low cut ones, whilst probably a lot more flattering, really cut into it and make it hurt. So I go for a more classic shape which is less painful! These ones by Pastelle cost around £40 but are worth every penny to me because they are literally like wearing slippers. I've bought £4 from Primark before and literally had to chuck them away after one wear because they hurt my foot so much. I have these Pastelle ones in nude too and I love them, they are made from butter soft suede and fit me perfectly.
Do you like my suitcases? They were the ones I picked up in yesterdays jumble, at just £2 each they will make the perfect storage for my shoe collection. I have several pairs of flats which don't have boxes so they'll tuck away in there nicely!
I've spent the day laid in my garden (again) and it's been lovely. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend too!
XO Amie
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Vix said...

Loved yesterday's frock and today's skirt, so pretty and cool looking!
Those vintage cases are fab, I can't stop buying them. Perfect for storing all manner of clutter!
I'm the opposite with shoes. The only flatties I can bear are flip flops. x

katherine said...

such a lovely skirt! love your blog, you always have really cute outfits!
Love Daisy x

Anonymous said...

omg I want your skirt its so so cute and you look lovely

Unknown said...

i love ur hair style!

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit!

Unknown said...

Really cute casual look, I totally love the cute little skirt with the bow decoration! <3

Yasmin; said...

my day has also been spent in the sun :) too good. can't believe how much of a bargain that skirt was!! too good. i have major hair envy heree x

Hannah said...

Such a lush skirt <3
Hannah xo

fox hunter said...

this is so lovely! love the pattern of ur skirt x

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Such a pretty skirt :) The sunnies look fabulous too xo

byvanessaleigh said...

Oh my, this is too cute! You look great. Thanks for your lovely comment by the way.. I'm following you now, if you can, please follow me back :-) Love, VLL xo

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