GlossyBox Review-May Box

contents: May GlossyBox

I was excited to receive this box because I remember the first GlossyBox had a full size Nars product inside it, which I guess was really good PR on behalf of GlossyBox as it generated such a buzz that loads of people subscribed. At that time, I chose not to because I wasn't sure that the boxes to follow would be of a similar standard-true to form, I believe a couple of boxes later, subscribers were receiving perfume sachets and mini cans of batiste dry shampoo and there was a bit of an outrage. Anyway, I was hooked in to subscribe by the Harrods box, and then the Eco box I received after that was also pretty great so I had high expectations for the Anniversary box.
I'd read a lot of negative reviews about this box; but I wanted to wait and see my pick before I started judging. I loved the packaging-this was the first pink Glossybox I'd received and I loved the ribbons inside and the pretty paper, but it was almost a little underwhelming following the two great boxes I'd received previously.
So, what was inside? I definitely found this box to be the most obviously sample led of all the boxes I have had; no surprise really as this is a sample service but if you're going to send out a mini bottle of perfume as a sample (Versace Veritas, Harrods box) then two cardboard samples (one of which didn't work!) do seem like a poor comparison. The samples I got were Lolita Lempicka EDP and Si Lolita. Both of these were lovely and not something I'd tried before, so that was a plus point, but not being able to get more than a dribble out of one of the samples, and the other sample being finished after two sprays was a bit of a let down!
Keeping on the 'proper sample' trail, I also got two Apivita beauty masks-I've never heard of this brand and I haven't used the product yet so I can't really comment on these but I look forward to giving them a try.
One thing I have used is the Osmo Berber Oil hair treatment. It smells amazing-like haribo! and it makes my thick hair really soft. I apply it to my hair when it's damp and then blow dry it and I love the way it makes it feel, and smell!
I loved the Noble Isle sample of shower gel; they're always useful and this one smells so nice, it reminds me of CKOne by Calvin Klein. This was a product that I know I'll use and so I was pleased to get this.
The wooden spoon of my box was a pair of diamonte studded false lashes! Adrian clocked them and said "ooh Amid, they're so you!" *note sarcasm* These TOWIE inspired things are, I'm sure, the height of fashion but unfortch I will be storing them safely for fancy dress only. 
I also got a balloon in my box (ta!) and a pocket mirror which I probably won't use as I've got a lush one Adrian got me. 
Overall this box was ok; I wasn't as impressed with it as I was expecting to be, nor as I was with the two previous boxes. However I still got some nice bits and things I will use so it wasn't a total loss!
Did you get a Glossybox this month and what did you make of it?
XO Amie
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