Wanted #017

After the day I've had today (I'll explain all tomorrow, but basically I am sitting here drying my hair in a teatowel, so you know you've got a story and a half headed your way!) the only thing that will suffice is a good shoe. Top of this week's wanted list is this granny-esque block heeled ballet pump from Jane Shilton. I love a good ballet pump and at the moment I am loving anything referencing a little granny vibe, so a block heel is certainly in order. I would wear these with skinny jeans and a big cardi, or a high waisted skirt/shorts (the perfect denim pair are still eluding me) and little blouse. Love them! Love the colour too! What do you make of these? ASAP or OAP?!
XO Amie
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Unknown said...

I really like them! I work in a shoe shop part time and the other week an lady in her sixties came in wearing something similar to this, but the main part of the shoe was croc leather with just plain patent toe, and I was admiring them, she was baffled as to why i liked her old lady shoes but I can picture wearing them with skater dresses and a leather/denim jacket in the summer :D xx

The Little Magpie said...

I think they're really nice! They'd look laavvvly with some knee high socks xx

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