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Just some teaser pics of a piece of gummy goodness that I managed to wangle from H&M the other week...yes, a coveted Marni colourblock tote!! I love it, and the best part? It was IN THE SALE, PEOPLE! Just £14.99, half the original price. How very lucky I was to spot it on the website; they had a few pieces left from the collection and I had really wanted this initially but couldn't afford the £30 price tag. So when I stumbled across it in the sale section it went straight into my bag. It's so cute and I will try and show it to you in it's full glory in an outfit post soon (when this blimmin rain stops, sad face!) 
So last night I had a right mare, well actually it was the night before last but I alluded to it in yesterdays blog post. Basically I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard a bang and the ominous sound of water...I poked my head round the bathroom door to see that a pipe had burst behind the sink and water was spilling out everywhere. So hollerin and  bellerin for Adrian I grabbed pretty much every towel we own to try and mop up the deluge whilst he hunted for the stopcock to turn off the water (note: familiarise yourself with where this is in your home!) and when that was eventually done and the water was switched off I spent the rest of the evening (till around 12.30am) mopping up water and trying to wring out sodden towels. Because we had had to switch off the boiler and disconnect the hot water, I couldn't shower or wash the wet towels, it was a right pain. But thankfully our landlord was on it immediately and popped round the next day to replace the pipe. But it did mean that after he had gone and I was able to have a shower, I realised mid way through that all the towels were soaked and so had to reach for a tea towel to dry down!, well not really at the time but I can laugh about it now! Poor washing machine doesn't know what it's done to deserve several loads of wet towels to wash and heads up tumble dryer, it's your turn next!
Hope you have a fab evening!
XO Amie
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Cara said...

ooh I'm excited to see this bag and I'm very jealous that you managed to spot it at that price!
Cara x

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