Taking the Mickey

The title of my post today is so literal, this Mickey Mouse jumper is actually Adrian's, but I've nicked it. I swear, the boy has more clothes than me. Which is good in some ways because he has a lot of nice things that I can borrow! The weather has gone so vile again, it's literally rained all day which wasn't that bad for me because I had to work all day anyway, but it feels so much gloomier when it's raining and cold out. Not nice at all!
I have been wearing this khaki Quiksilver cotton jacket a lot at the moment but it's never crept into any outfit posts so finally it makes it's debut. I love it because it's lightweight and I really like the colour, I look forward to wearing it over pretty summer dresses when the weather improves! It was another 99p eBay win! yay!
Mickey Jumper-Adrians, Thrifted Freego Jeans, Primark mocassins, QSW Jacket.
XO Amie
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Rebecca said...

99p is basically the best thing ever on ebay, such a bargain! You have the most gorgeous hair

Lara Inez said...

i love your jumper. you look lovely :)

daisychain said...

I love stealing boys jumpers...they are also so worn in and often a better length!

Bang and Buck said...

obsessed with that mickey jumper! you look gorgeous and this whole outfit is perfect xx

Candy and Treats said...

Such a cute look! Love it! :-D

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