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It always amazes me how much my style has evolved over the last couple of years. I really felt at 25 I had hit my stride but here I am, almost 30 and I feel like it's still continuing to change and develop. For example a year ago I don't think I owned one pair of flat boots; now I have about 4 pairs along with a pair of Superga's (I famously declared I would only ever wear trainers for the gym) and 3 pairs of skinny jeans (again, something I proclaimed I didn't like.) Just goes to show, you adapt as you grow and I also think events in my life and changes of situations have definitely played a part in the way I dress. I mean, a car accident I had almost a year ago saw me hurt my back which stopped me from wearing the vertiginous heels I used to live in, as they gave me bad back ache. So I had to embrace the flat shoe. And I did! I have a new found love for chelsea boots, moccasins, ballet flats, brogues and loafers that I never thought I'd have. Also, moving to Bristol has definitely affected my style; it's a very bohemian city I think. I wear a lot more vintage and vintage inspired pieces and generally dress like more of a scruff bag since I moved here (that's not to say Bristolians are scruffy; far from it, they are some of the best dressed people I've ever seen. But there is a very chilled vibe here, which meant going out in mega high heels wasn't called for even if I could wear them for any extended period of time.) The vintage scene is really big here and I have hundreds of charity shops to peruse (lucky me). 
The people I look to for inspiration has also developed. I used to cite Carrie Bradshaw as my fashion go-to; in many ways my love for her will never cease but I favour a more 'uncluttered' look these days inspired by a festival or surf culture theme. Quiksilver Women has always been a favourite brand and I am reaching for this more and more to add a bit of a laid back edge to simple staples I love. I never used to particularly like Alexa Chung, but my opinion on her has u-turned and now I find myself more and more often bookmarking her looks for inspiration. I think as she has flown old blighty for ultra hip Williamsburg in NYC her style has changed too; she is slicker, less twee. I really think it has a lot to do with environment. In my case anyway!
This outfit I am wearing is nothing spectacular but it sums up my style perfectly at the moment. Skinny jeans (thrifted) worn with frilly ankle socks, chelsea boots and a simple Gap striped tee, and my leather jacket (which I am trying to remove from it's permanent residence on my back.) I think it's an easy look to wear day to day and I am not going to kid myself (or you guys!) that I walk around in stiletto's all day. This is me, most basically.
I spent some time making a wish list for summer time the other day and I am going to try and actually buy most of the pieces on it. I hope to do this cheaply either by thrifting them or finding them on eBay or even in Primark. Something I've come to learn about fast fashion is that it helps to be selective; sometimes I've picked up a garment in Primarni and felt all my hair stand on end due to the cheapo static electric conductivity of said item; in that case, back on the rail it goes but sometimes I'll pick something up and be pleasantly surprised by the quality. I'm trying to be less snobbish about shops like this and if something feels good quality and I like it, I will probably add it to my basket. I hope to be able to pop down to my local P-Town later in the week to buy a pair of navy trousers I saw in there last week; the fabric is drapey and thin but has a weightiness to it that belies it's quality; I want to try them on as they might be vile but they certainly look and feel as nice as any I've seen in Topshop, and actually compare to a Warehouse pair I am trying to replace. I would also like to get a stripe maxi dress which I would like to chop down to a midi, and it's always useful, I think, to spend a little less if you're going to give something the old DIY.
Oh and by the by! Happy Easter! Hope you're all having a wonderful day. I am off to hunt out some chocolate now I think :)
XO Amie
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mitchinheels said...

Amazing stripe top and jacket!! awesome nails too<3

Kim said...

Another simple and classic outfit that you pull off perfectly. Love everything you're wearing! xx

Jessica said...

I think our styles will continue to grow, expand, and change for the rest of our lives!
I hope you are having a fabulous Easter.

Claudia Kitten said...

Love this! Super cool and casual.
Claudia xxx

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

LOVE the outfit :).

Sadie xx

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