Stripes Squared

Ahh welcome to my shoe collection, newest pair! yes I couldn't resist these striped espys when I saw them in Primark for £3. I also got them in plain black too, shh! I have gone a bit mental for stripes at the moment and I am wearing one of my favourite basic tees which is from Gap. The denim shirt is a vintage Jaeger one I forgot I had until I fished it out of the back of the wardrobe, I love the fit of it and the lovely colour. I am very into navy, black and brown at the moment! This was a navy/blue and black day!
Hope you've had a lovely day too :D
XO Amie
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Ellie M said...

Love thisoutfit, your shoes are lovely xx

Anonymous said...

I love the shoes, I must try and find them in Primark near me! x


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