Return of the Mac

Brr it was soo cold and wet and miserable today, time to dig out the trench from the wardrobe for a bit of a return of the mac! I am hating the weather right now why can't it just be sunny!!! Is it too much to ask!!
So today I am wearing a prehistoric trench from Sainsburys, Primark cardigan which I need to re-button as the buttons are rapidly detatching themselves, ASOS White skinny jeans, and my new flatforms. I am love, love loving my flatforms although I was like a granny on a frosty morning earlier in the rain, skidding about all over as they have abso zero grip. Still I will forgo that because I love them!
The adorable Swallow pin was a gift from Adrian :)
XO Amie
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Unknown said...

I agree with you the weather is just terrible these days :( but at least we get to wear trench coats :)
Love the bird brooch!!

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