Maxi // Midi // Mistake

Well you all know I love a midi skirt. So when I spotted a grey t shirt maxi at work, I had grand designs for it-namely,chopping about a foot off the hem to make it into a midi. My mistake was to wear this outfit on one of the coldest days ever! My little bare legs were flipping freezing and the thin material was certainly not conducive to warmth. But I still love it! Making the maxi a midi was surprisingly easy, I didn't take any pics of the DIY because it was super easy and all I did was literally lay the dress on my kitchen table, laid a midi dress that I love the length of on top of it, and chopped with my scissors. The jersey fabric did curl slightly at the hem but I think that looks quite pretty. To add some much needed warmth I threw on my cheetah print sweater and trusty leather jacket. I know you're not meant to wear brown and black but I loved these boots too much to not wear them, I think it makes my outfit look a little quirky. I do love maxi dresses but I'm never sure if they suit me, because I am quite short, so usually a midi is better and I've been after a t shirt styled one for ages so; when I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, I made it myself! Do you ever do that?
Hope you like my look today :)
XO Amie
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