Ok, really need to sort my tripod positioning out because at the moment I can't help but make my head (or feet!) out of shot in my photo's: #musttryharder #bloggerproblems I think it's actually quite difficult to take decent pictures by yourself, at least now I can take them in the privacy of my own garden without the general public wondering what on earth I'm up to. My camera is only a very basic Lumix point and shoot model and whilst I'd love a proper "bloggers" camera sadly funds don't allow it so I make the best of what I have. The lens is fairly good but I have no control on the tripod and also have to set it to timer to take my pictures which means a lot of back and forthing. I wonder can you get the little remote controls for a camera such as mine? That would make life so much easier!
Today I had the day off work so I chilled out (read: cleaned the house and did a load of washing; rock 'n' roll!)  in the morning and then went into town to meet my friend Ryan for lunch. I had a great afternoon, we even hit the shops to have a browse but I didn't buy anything except for a pair of sunglasses from Primark (I was jel of the ones I bought Adrian so I treated myself to a pair, mine are the same shape as the ones I got him, but leopard print.) I always buy cheapo Primarni glasses because I lose sunnies all the time, or break them. So at just £1 I won't be devvo'd if I lost these. I also bought a few bits of makeup to take advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 and actually spent some of my Boots points, making my buys essentially free. I always buy Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation but have run out and the funds can't stretch to £26 this month so I am hoping the one I picked up from Collection 2000 for just over a tenth of the cost of the Estee, will suffice for the time being at least. It's going to be an interesting comparison anyway; the coverage looks good and the texture is nice but has it got the DW's staying power?! All will surely be revealed soon.
Due to the nature of my job I will be working all over the bank holiday weekend but I do want to wish all my lovely readers a happy Easter and I hope you get lots of yummy choc. Enjoy! Hope the weather improves-it was bloody freezing here today and so out came the old winter garb. I was so chilly I also put on cute little ankle socks after I took these shots, wish I'd thought of it before as they looked so nice. And kept my feet warm, which is more important! 
Outfit: Jacket-Kate Moss for Topshop, Jeans:-Freego (thrifted, and my fave jeans ever; one of only 2 pairs I wear) Stripey Top-Boden (bought with a discount and a voucher, making it approximately a tenner, I love stripey tops) Boots- *ahem* Jane Norman but rapidly becoming my fave boots EVER. 
XO Amie
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daisychain said...

What a shame you have to work over Easter...I hope they compensate you with chocolate! x

Anonymous said...

I like this look, it's really simple and sophisticated :) following your blog now! I love the effects you put on your pictures!! xx

Nicolette said...

I have to work all weekend too, it's so fun! but I love your scarf and jacket! great look :)


SABINNA and DAVID said...

lovely shoes!

xx, Sabinna and David
Broken Cookies

Anonymous said...

Where's the scarf from? I can't see for looking in your post where you got it. Did I tell you that I have worked over easter too? I work in a kids hospital. How about you?

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